Upcoming events

31st January 2019. Salon for the City. "The London Slums in the 19th Century". 6.30pm. Westminster Arts Library.


12th February 2019. The History of Barnes Hospital. Details to come.


10th July 2019. Royal College of Surgeons. "John Snow and the Cholera Mystery". 2pm. London Metropolitan Archives.




Researching and Writing Non-Fiction. Series of five workshops at Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College, starting on June 10. Everyone welcome, whether just starting or more experienced. Feedback on your work, practical exercises, advice on getting published. For full details go to http://www.racc.ac.uk/course/C01978-161701


Creative Writing for Beginners. 10 week course at Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College starting on 27th May. Explore areas such as plot, charcters, dialogue, description and have feedback on your work in a friendly, supportive environment.  https://www.rhacc.ac.uk/course/creative-writing-beginners

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