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Past talks and events:

29th April, 2017 Talk on the Bodle murder case. "Poison and Poisoners" Conference. Chamberlain Hotel, London EC3, 12 noon.


25th April, 2017 "Blogs, Tweets and Vanity - the future of publishing", talk for The Portcullis Trust, Richmond Adult Community College, Parkshott,  7.30pm.


28th November 2016. Talk at Medical Society of London on John Snow and the Mystery of the Broad Street Pump.16th - 20th September,  BBC Radio Four

Book of the Week: The Inheritor's Powder


5th November, 2016. Richmond Literature Festival. Workshop on writing non-fiction. 13.30, Twickenham Library.


28th October, 2016. Talk at National Archives Victorian Crime Evening on "Getting Away with Murder", Kew.


5th October 2014, 2.30pm - Sheen Lane Library.

Talk on James Marsh and the Poison Panic.


19th October 2014, 2pm - Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

Talk on John Snow, Cholera and the Mystery of the Broad Street Pump


31st October, 2014 6pm - York University.

Talk on James Marsh and the Poison Panic followed by Q&As chaired by Professor Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director of the Centre for Global Health Histories and Professor in the History of Medicine.


22nd November, 2014 Richmond Literature Festival, 7.30pm - Riverside Room, Richmond Old Town Hall, Twickenham

Book reading, talk and Q&As on The Inheritor's Powder








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